More than Proclamations: A Prayer for Juneteenth

“Freedom Dance” by Corey Barksdale-

A few ways that I’m committing myself and resources to Black liberation this Juneteenth:

  • Supporting (aka paying micro-reparations) to Black leaders and community activists that I love. In particular I am giving to support the ongoing labor of Alicia T Crosby (, Venmo @aliciatcrosby) who inspired parts of this prayer, and dear friend Tamice Nae Spencer (Venmo @tammynammy) whose work with Subulture Inc. continues to help tackle many of the inequities named in this prayer.
  • Supporting Black-owned business. Michael and I tried out a wonderful Black-owned BBQ place in Oakland (Rodericks BBQ) and bought some cheesecakes from The Excellent Cheesecake, a Castro Valley Black-owned business (with truly the best cheesecake we’ve ever had).
  • Just ordered my copy of Wake: The Hidden History of Women-Led Slave Revolts. Excited to read more and learn more about the women who have been erased from history. Also, I am always sharing about a great children’s book from my friend, Nancy Johnson James- Brown: The Many Shades of Love.
  • Continuing to learn ways to fight against Black voter suppression and voting rights and advocating for the protection of the Black vote in many places in the country where they are under threat. While California currently has several bills to expand voter protections, you can learn what’s happening in your state and contact legislators/take action.



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