Beyond Thoughts and Prayers

I haven’t been on this platform in a minute, but in the face of an overwhelming flood of gun violence and as many of us feel the weight of so much grief, lament, and outrage, I wanted to collect some resources for people who need somewhere to put their energy into some action.

There’s a lot of other resources out there, but here are just a few:




  • Sign a petition to support HR 8 and pass expanded background checks here
  • Sign a petition in support of S. 66 and a ban of assault weapons here
  • Support the Break the Cycle of Violence Act which will focus on gun violence prevention through community programming, mental health resources and addressing those at high risk for shootings. You can also call your local rep to support this measure.
  • Support Live Free’s End Gun Violence Campaign: Support policies that ban assault weapons and ghost guns, pass universal background checks, fund violence prevention and intervention strategies, and scale national culturally responsive mental health infrastructure
  • Organize locally. Reach out to your local officials, school board members, other families in your community to come up with locally based and grassroots options for violence prevention and mental health resourcing in your community and schools.
  • In the midst of upcoming elections, pay attention to the voting records of candidates you are voting for, and consider voting for those who are committed to gun control legislation




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Erina Kim-Eubanks

Erina Kim-Eubanks

Co-Pastor @bethelcommunitysl | Director of Advocacy @fphayward | pastor, activist, writer | married to @eubanksme | co-author of @lentenlament | she/her