A Prayer for my AAPI Sisters: As We Face Unceasing Violence

Erina Kim-Eubanks
2 min readMar 17, 2021
“Mary and Martha” by He Qi

Jesus from Nazareth of Galilee-
from the liminal places-

You are familiar with the pangs of judgment
in declarations of where you are “from.”
You are acquainted with the unceasing violence
of an Empire which demeans your status,
a religious institution that labels you a threat,
and a society that crucifies your flesh
as a scapegoat.

You also know what it means to have your
belly lavishly fed,
feet lovingly washed,
body skillfully tended to,
burial clothes thoughtfully prepared,
existence generously supported,
by women.

Those whose bodies
were deemed a temptation-
unclean, even shameful-
were at the center of your ministry-
present by your side,
and given honor in your sight.

In receiving the presence and gifts of women
you declared that
our bodies are worthy of protection
our stories are worthy of witness
our gifts are worthy of celebration
our dignity is worthy of recognition.

So hold us now, as
our bodies are shaken by violence
our stories are rendered invisible
our gifts are dragged through the mud,
our dignity is desecrated by forces of
white supremacy, nationalism, and xenophobia,
alongside heteropatriarchy, fetishization, and capitalism.

Remind us
of the place we have in your sight,
within your family,
by your side ,
and grant us a healing of our whole selves-
a mending of our bloodied communities
and a witness to our pain,
in a world of unceasing violence.

Come now, and come quickly.
For we aren’t sure how much we can endure.




Erina Kim-Eubanks

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